PDTP Mentorship Programme

A key component in PDTP is mentorship. Mentors are important in the programme as they guide the trainees in their personal and professional growth, and share essential career knowledge in the field. The PDTP mentoring programme is formal and planned and structured, covering:

  1. 1. Career mentoring: mentee is paired with an ICT professional from the industry working in the mentee’s area of interest. The mentor offers guidance and support as they go through the one year internship programme
  2. 2. Personal development mentoring: mentees receive guidance on selected competencies and life skills

The structure of the mentorship programme is fully outlined in the Mentorship Guide, which is a reference document on what is expected from the volunteer mentors.


Mentor: Agnes, Mentor, PDTP 2015

Area of skill as a mentor

As a banker with over 10 years’ experience, my skills are centred on deployment of innovative fin-tech solutions that are customer-centric and drive financial inclusion. I am also passionate about mentoring and empowering the youth on leadership skills including self-discovery, building confidence and improving communication skills

Mentor insight

In this global village, the tech-landscape is changing and becoming increasingly dynamic. New entrants into the industry need to have a global and local mindset to remain competitive. Those that will be successful are the ones that have a curious mindset so that they constantly push the boundaries and aim for excellence.

Mentor: Nixon Lemlem, Mentor, PDTP 2015

Area of skill as a mentor

Network Planning (Passive infrastructure) and Documentation

Mentor insight

The ICT industry has evolved and there is tremendous shift to new technology platforms for growth and innovation, which has increased the demand for apps built for mobile devices, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics and social technologies. The industry continues to grow causing an explosion of new solutions built on the new platforms and rapidly expanding consumption for all. In order to achieve all these solutions, connectivity is a key factor that enables the consumer be able to be part of these innovative initiatives. Be it by wire-line or wireless, there is a clear need to have the platforms and devices stay connected for them to achieve connectivity in a seamless manner. This is achieved through telecommunications. Consequently, I encourage young professionals that are starting their careers in ICT industry to explore developing new solutions that support mobile applications and technologies that enable users to stay connected no matter their location and/or time.

Mentor: Samar Patel, Mentor, PDTP 2015

Area of skill as a mentor

I have practical technical expertise in the IT field. I also have a keen interest in actively participating in developing future leaders

Mentor insight

The IT industry is a very dynamic environment with technology evolving at a rapid pace. In order to stay abreast, one needs to motivate themselves to continuously learn and grow. To be successful in this industry, young professionals must acquire important skills including: critical and quick thinking, open mindedness and thinking out of the box, better understanding of the IT industry, and personal and professional balance.

We invite partners to support this programme by giving back to help in shaping the ICT careers of young, talented Kenyans through mentorship.

To become a mentor please read the Mentorship Guide and submit the PDTP Mentor Application Form. The purpose of this form is to assist the Mentorship Office match you with the right intern and to develop your mentor profile.