About Digitalent Mentorship Programme

Apply as a mentor

A key component in Digitalent is mentorship. Mentors are important in the programme as they guide the trainees in their personal and professional growth, and share essential career knowledge in the field. The PDTP mentoring programme is formal and planned and structured, covering:

  1. Career mentoring: mentee is paired with an ICT professional from the industry working in the menteeā€™s area of interest. The mentor offers guidance and support as they go through the one year internship programme
  2. Personal development mentoring: mentees receive guidance on selected competencies and life skills

The structure of the mentorship programme is fully outlined in the Mentorship Guide, which is a reference document on what is expected from the volunteer mentors.

To become a mentor please read the Mentorship Guide and submit the Digitalent Mentor Application Form. The purpose of this form is to assist the Mentorship Office match you with the right intern and to develop your mentor profile.