Thank you for your interest to volunteer to be a mentor in the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP).
A mentor under the PDTP is a volunteer management or ICT professional from the private or public sector with experience in the sector, and who is willing to help and guide the intern’s professional development. The expertise, knowledge, insight, wisdom, perspective, experience of the mentor is the source of learning in the PDTP mentorship relationship.

Profile of the PDTP Mentor

The following are preferred qualifications and qualities of the volunteer PDTP mentor; an individual who: Has academic qualifications in the technical areas identified under the PDTP programme, namely:
  1. Applications, including database management systems, web, etc.
  2. Networks
  3. ICT security
  4. Project management
  5. Other related skills
  6. Has private or public sector experience, preferably in the mid to high level management/technical positions.
  7. Is willing to commit time for mentorship and focus on the mentee learning needs.
  8. Is open-minded, and able to provide positive feedback.
  9. Is able to give the intern the inside view of what really goes on in the “real world.”
  10. Has a mature approach to life (Note: Age is not a single, qualifying factor)
  11. Is a high achiever and models winning behaviours
  12. Is willing and able to spend own time, energy, and resources for the development and improvement of the intern.
  13. Is able to maintain high levels of confidentiality, social and professional ethics.
  14. Is a conscientious and law abiding citizen.
  15. NOTE:The information you provide will be used to assist the Mentorship Office match you with the right intern and to develop your mentor profile.

Mentorship Application Form

Details of Mentor

Academic Profile for Mentors

Applications, including database management systems, web, etc
ICT security
Project management

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